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MAC Safety Leads the Industry in Onsite Safety Consulting, Inspections, and Trainings

It is essential to maintain a safe working environment for the sake of your staff. Incidents such as trips and falls, or even having to replace someone due to an injury, can be avoided if proper safety protocols are in place. To ensure that your personnel remains unharmed while on the job, you must create a safety plan. The ideal way to do this is to utilize MAC Safety’s industry-leading experience when designing a tailored safety plan for your business.

Utilizing our onsite experience with our in-house risk technology, NIXN, MAC Safety has the ability to help plan and execute your business’s safety plan through various avenues:

  • Onsite Safety Consulting – Each one of MAC Safety’s professionals will be qualified and experienced to facilitate your business needs. Our team has over two decades of onsite safety experience in 47+ sectors. Each of our consultants is outfitted with NIXN, allowing your business to reap the benefits of a qualified consultant using technology to efficiently solve any issues and help coach your employees on the safest procedures available.
  • Smart Audits/Inspections – Our Smart Audits have the ability to provide risk exposure scores based off the environment. Along with these scores, our Smart Audits take an average OSHA citation for issues found within the audit and provide a financial impact number. This number is implemented to represent the risk of a financial loss if issues are not corrected.
  • Trainings: Utilizing our experience and in-house data, MAC Safety’s Training program will be intuitive and realistic in order to effectively train each employee on a specific topic. MAC Safety prides itself on being able to coach and teach your employees to help build a more cohesive safety culture.

If you would like to have a personalized safety strategy contact MAC Safety today to find out more about how to make your workplace as safe as it can be.

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