OSHA Consulting Services

Why hire MAC Safety Consulants, Inc. for OSHA Consulting Services?

Our services help you cultivate a safer work environment that forever changes the culture of your workplace while simultaneously helping you reduce operational costs, decrease workers compensation claims and related expenses, and improve productivity, service and employee morale. These things translate into a more profitable business and a much healthier bottom line.

Risk Assessment Technology

Each year our team strives to bring more to each client we serve. We have invested our efforts into developing our own behavior-based, risk assessment technology, NIXN. NIXN was developed with the ethos to enhance the knowledge of our consultants which will allow for more accurate, efficient results.

NIXN is utilized by all MAC Safety employees as we have seen each of our team members grow exponential upon using the technology. Along with the onsite consulting expertise, your business can expect MAC Safety to provide data and analytics that no other risk technology can provide.

Assessment of Workplace Occupational Safety and Health Hazards

We have an experienced team of consultants who have literally seen it all. Not only are they trained to instantly recognize and identify workplace safety and health hazards, but they also lend their expertise to everyone who works with us by continuously suggesting ways to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

On-Call Safety Staffing Solutions

If your business has no experienced safety professionals on-site, we’re just a phone call or email away from providing you with one. Simply contact us and we’ll assign a seasoned consultant to your site for an extended period of time. We can typically accommodate last minute requests.

Middle and Executive Management Safety Training

Sometimes even a supervisor needs a supervisor, especially if they lack experience recognizing and correcting worksite hazards. Not only can we train workers on workplace safety, but we also lend our expertise to middle and executive management who would eventually like to handle all safety oversight and responsibilities themselves.

Safety is a Team Effort

Safety Consulting Services for an OSHA Compliant Safety Program

MAC Safety, INC. develops, implements, and maintains safety programs that aren’t only in compliance with OSHA laws, but often exceed OSHA requirements. Our experienced safety consultants present a unique and effective approach to on-site safety training that creates a long-lasting culture of good habits and workplace safety.

If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, one of our highly experienced safety consultants would be more than happy to visit you on-site to conduct a safety inspection of your facility or worksite. If cracks in your foundation are found, our safety consultant will offer recommendations to fill in these gaps and rectify your problem.

Know that your workplace safety program is in accordance with OSHA standards

  • Honestly answer this one question; What do you think OSHA would say about your current workplace safety program?
  • Get in touch with us for a free on-site assessment and consolation to get started.
  • Are you new with us? We ask that new clients complete an audit with MAC Safety, INC. as this allows us to compile company specific information and fully customize your safety program.
The MAC Safety way is to offer each client an OSHA compliant safety program that is unique to their business and the needs of their organization and its employees. We’re there for you to help with OSHA inspections, provide facility inspections and safety and health courses on an as needed basis, present written program updates, and offer you ongoing support and maintenance. All while empowering you with a staff of knowledgeable safety professionals at your beckon call should you ever run into any problem or have any questions.
Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter safety program offering you no real return on investment. Contact us today to get OSHA compliant and one step closer to ruling the world. Well, you’ll at least beef up your safety program.