The construction safety staffing provided by MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. can supplement your existing team whenever the need arises for substitute or additional safety support and representation. Our experienced safety professionals fully comprehend the safety measures that must be taken at construction sites for:

  • Crane Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Equipment Protection
  • Electrical Work

Recognizing that any need for additional or supplemental construction safety staffing is typically urgent, we respond quickly and can provide your site with safety professionals even on short notice. Better yet, these safety specialists remain under our employment. All matters regarding payroll and human resources are handled on our end to minimize your administrative burden. If someone on your temp safety staff falls ill or cannot perform required duties, we promptly provide a substitute to carry out their responsibilities.

MAC Safety is well versed on OSHA requirements for multi-employer work sites, which many construction projects are. Unlike many other construction safety firms, our management has construction safety experience and OSHA expertise.