Can Hospital Safety Consultants Help Save Your Boston Business Money?

Can Hospital Safety Consultants Help Save Your Boston Business Money?

When considering high-risk jobs, health care is probably not one of the first careers that come to mind. However, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injury occurs more frequently in hospital settings than in manufacturing plants or even construction sites.

Throughout a typical day in any New England area hospitals, healthcare workers may be responsible for lifting and transporting patients, handling needles and other sharp medical devices, and interacting with potentially hazardous bodily fluids and chemicals—all of which can easily lead to injury. Slip and fall injuries are also common as well as run ins with disoriented or combative patients.

Hospital Injuries are Expensive and Inconvenient for All

Workplace injuries are never easy, but in the fast-paced environment of a hospital they can be especially trying. Aside from the typical costs associated with Workers Compensation claims and medical bills, unique staffing headaches can also arise. Scrambling to cover shifts for out-of-work employees can be difficult in understaffed hospitals and often results in overworked coworkers picking up the slack.

This means overtime pay must be given and employees must work longer hours, which can lead to low morale, medical error and further employee or patient injuries. Workplace safety is critical to maintain the delicate balance of a hospital environment.

Injury Risk Can Be Lowered

Luckily, hospital injuries can be drastically reduced through awareness, planning, and employee training. The hospital safety consultants at MAC Safety of New England are specially trained in the unique needs of the hospital environment. We survey your hospital to identify hazards, create and implement safety plans tailored to your specific site, and train staff to reduce the daily risks. From start to finish, we help you to establish an all-inclusive safety program and train your employees and management to identify risks, avoid injury and minimize impact if injury does occur.

Your staff must be healthy and feel safe to assist the countless patients who come through your doors. Call MAC Safety to see how our hospital safety consultants can help your New England area hospital to be the safest it can be.

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