Mock OSHA Inspection

What Would OSHA Say?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an OSHA inspector arrived at our worksite unexpectedly to conduct an inspection? Rather than lose sleep over whether or not you’d pass with flying colors or be cited for costly violations, just call us. We’ll send one of our highly qualified MAC Safety Consultants to your worksite to conduct a mock OSHA inspection. Our inspector will evaluate your worksite’s level of compliance with OSHA health and safety standards to identify existing violations jeopardizing the safety of your employees. MAC Safety shares OSHA’s goal of ensuring that all workers return home safely from work.

How It Works:

In addition to conducting an onsite safety evaluation, our safety consultant will review OSHA mandated written health and safety documentation, employee safety training logs, and all records of workplace injuries or illnesses.

What You Will Receive:

At the conclusion of the MAC Safety mock OSHA inspection; you’ll receive a detailed report of our findings. In this report, we’ll list each detected hazard and flag it as either being OSHA compliant or non-compliant. Corrective action recommendations are proposed for anything non-compliant. MAC Safety can help implement corrective actions if needed.

To get started or to see an example of a report, please call us at 724-513-4491 or message us.