Should Your Business Consider OSHA Training

OSHA Training Boston, MA

Cultivating a safe and efficient work environment is important to any company, regardless of what industry you’re in. Neither worker safety or OSHA compliance are things to take lightly. This is why MAC Safety Consultants is offering OSHA training in Boston, MA.

There are many reasons to consider safety training courses for your workplace. First, OSHA compliance training courses can significantly reduce worker injury. This translates to fewer losses due to workers’ compensation claims or lost productivity and fewer fines for OSHA violations.

Our Boston OSHA training will take your company’s safety program to the next level. A safer work environment can reduce operating costs and increase worker morale and productivity. Safety training accelerates this by shifting the culture of your workplace. An environment is created where everyone feels valued and has each other’s backs.

What’s Included in Our OSHA Training in Boston, MA?

Our Boston, MA OSHA training includes the following:

  • OSHA Consultation
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • Customized Safety Programs
  • Risk Assessments
  • Professional Safety Staffing

Our OSHA compliance experts bring their extensive knowledge on a number of site-specific safety issues to your workplace. This allows us to create a customized safety training program that is responsive to the unique needs of your workers.

Lean on our years of experience to protect your workers and keep them safe. We’ll change the way your workers think about workplace safety. Everyone will realize the individual role they play in ensuring all workers return home safely at the end of the workday.

OSHA Training Can Save Money & Lives

Promoting safer work practices helps prevent accidents and exposures that are risks to you and your workers. Each year, roughly 4000 workers die on the job while over 3 million are injured. These numbers don’t even include the thousands of people that die every year from workplace-related illnesses.

Training is an important part of any health and safety program.

For example, a survey of 195 workers before and after OSHA safety training revealed that 75 percent of workers carried things like lunch boxes or tools up ladders prior to training, but only 26 percent did afterward.

In another example, prior to training, only 37 percent of trainees checked the build and security of scaffolding, but that number increased to 79 percent post-training.

Countless other examples have been noted. Workers avoiding injury or even possible death thanks to lock-out/tag-out training. Awareness goes a long way.

From a business perspective, needless to say, savings from averted accidents can be extensive.

Stop Sweating OSHA Compliance Audits

Our OSHA training will also get your business and worksite prepared for OSHA compliance audits. Fines levied for OSHA violations found during an inspection can be quite serious. Boston OSHA safety training will get your site into shape and ensure your safety documentation is in order.

Contact Us Today for OSHA Safety Training in Boston

For more information on our OSHA training in Boston, MA, contact us today at (617) 997-8399. Take the next step to improving worker safety and running a more efficient and productive worksite.

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