Regulating On-Site Safety

Rigid Regulations, Automation Dehumanizing On-site Safety

An on-site safety policy is critical for a laundry list of dangerous industries. Safety plans are put in place to ensure the protection of employees and keep them from being injured or even killed on the job. With the rapid expansion of on-site labor over the last several years, on-the-job deaths have continued to climb. Although some of these deaths are contributed to lack of experience, others blame worker exhaustion and other factors.

Even though safety policies and regulations exist in many industries to save workers’ lives, the fact is that they can do more harm than good. Over regulated safety policies can cause workers to become tired, distracted, and doesn’t tap into the basic needs of employees.

Why is Over Regulation a Bad Thing for On-site Safety?

It makes sense to think that safety regulation is simply a thorough policy to keep workers safe. However, too many rules and regulations can ultimately lead to workers feeling as if they are simply a body in place to complete a specific task. This leads to a general lack of interest on the job, and can even leave workers feeling distracted and fatigued.

It’s no surprise that distracted and fatigued workers are at higher risk for injury on the job. Whether it’s in the control room or out in the oilfield, it’s important to allow employees to think for themselves. Unfortunately, rigid regulations and automation can make workers feel as if they have no option to think for themselves—even if it’s determined to be for their own good according to top-level safety officers.

What Matters in terms of On-site Safety Regulations?

There’s no denying that the overall goal of safety regulations is to prevent work-related injuries. However, there are several human needs that should be met within your safety policy. Some of these needs include:

• The feeling of self-efficiency during a task, no matter how repetitive or daunting
• Communication with team members in order to keep workers mentally stimulated
• Sense of pride in work
• Sense of team and community
• Ambition to meet goals

Is Your Safety Policy Meeting The Human Needs of Your Workers?
If not, MAC Safety specializes in creating custom safety policies for on-site safety. We can help develop a safety plan that keeps your workers both safe and empowered while on the job. Get in touch with us today for your customized safety plan.