Data Driven Safety via the Vita Lifting System White Paper

Author: MAC Safety Consultants (“MAC Safety”)

Date: December 29, 2021

Key Conclusion

The construction industry experiences lost workdays, equipment damage, personnel injury, and death because of spinning crane loads. In the United States, 25.4% of all crane injuries are due to spinning crane loads, costing the industry hundreds of millions annually. According to our analysis, introducing the Vita Lifting Solution to provide load rotation control reduces the risk of spinning crane load accidents by 63.1%. Additionally, the Vita Lifting System improves load management efficiency, speeding up operations that leads to increased crane productivity by enabling 725,000 more loads to be lifted every single day.

Data Driven Safety

MAC Safety is a construction data aggregation and analysis company that has collected a 4TB crowd sourced dataset populated with real world construction project data from 2018 to Present with 4 million observations across 2,000 projects. This dataset informs a deep learning graph neural network (GNN) that runs a proprietary model called NIXN. The NIXN Model simulates construction site activities to identify risk points and establish the value and risk reduction potential for products like the Vita Lifting System.

Vita Inclinata Technologies is an industrial load control system developer and manufacturer. Vita contracted MAC Safety to leverage NIXN to assess the impact of the Vita Lifting System on construction industry risks, specifically those from cranes moving loads.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), there are an estimated 225,000 cranes in operation in the United States on any given day. These cranes move an average 2.4 million picks (“loads”) per day, exposing approximately 250,000 crane operators, load riggers, and other site workers to daily risk of crane-related injury or death. Based upon statistical averages, 25.4% of the crane accidents in the United States are due to personnel being struck or caught by spinning crane loads. Of those accidents, 1 in 9,000 cranes will cause a fatality each year. Given that on average, a SINGLE injury will cost $200,000, and a SINGLE fatality will cost $4,000,000, annual costs to the industry from fatalities alone approach $100 Million dollars.

Based upon NIXN modeling, MAC Safety identified specific risk points such as slips, trips, falls, and crush hazards associated with crane load movement. By removing workers from the load vicinity by application of remote, precision control technology the Vita Lifting System provides, the risks can be eliminated or significantly mitigated. Because of the large data set of real world construction site risks, we are able to quantify the impact as a 300% fatality risk reduction, and a 63.1% overall accident reduction.

About Mac Safety Consultants

MAC Safety was founded in 2006 by Chris Miranda who scaled the business to one of the largest safety service providers in the country. In 2018 MAC Safety ownership founded MAC Intelligence and created a flagship product NIXNTM. Currently NIXN serves as the safety management product of choice for over 500 companies across the world, along with insurance carriers and brokers.