Healthcare Facility Safety Management and Compliance

Facility Continuation Service

Facility Safety – MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. fully understands that at the heart of your healthcare organization’s expert patient care is a physical and utility infrastructure that doesn’t skip a beat. While your medical practitioners and nurses have more visibility and receive the most accolades, much of a healthcare facility’s success rests on the safety and overall stability of their in-house engineering and maintenance departments, as well as their contracted external service providers. Quality patient care just isn’t possible if day-to-day operations are frequently disrupted. This is why we work with your in-house management team to ensure that safety and uninterrupted services are integrated into all aspect of your daily operations.

Here’s a sampling of the MAC Safety Facility Continuation Services:

  • Assess staff safety awareness to determine future training needs
  • Introduce a proven safety management process for contracted providers
  • Conduct a facility safety audit
  • Propose a practical action plan to correct identified deficiencies
  • Perform a thorough incident investigation with routine follow-up
  • Provide experienced technical writing of policies and procedures
  • Advocate safety considerations through facility renovations or new constructions
  • Establish and manage initiatives such as recognition programs, safety communication, chairing safety committees, and program feedback opportunities

While typical workplace safety procedures provide some much needed peace of mind, we go above and beyond. Healthcare facilities we work with are reporting fewer and much shorter-duration day-to-day business disruptions. They’re reducing losses, lowering operational spending, and seeing a much better ROI (Return-on-Investment). Compliancy is also of the utmost importance. We ensure an organization’s overall compliance with the NIFA (National Fire Protection Association) established Life Safety Regulations. We also ensure OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) workplace safety compliance is achieved.

What we offer is a sustained cost effective approach to the ever-advancing technology behind patient care. We believe that any business capable of operating without interruption has the ability to reach the pinnacle of their industry. This is the guiding motivation behind our health care facility continuation services.

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